Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rest In Peace

You will forgive me, for I do not want to talk about peace. I want to talk about my friend. One always wakes up from a nightmare. But since yesterday, I have awakened only to a nightmare - the nightmare of life without you, and this I cannot bear.

My dear friend, you were the pillar of fire before the camp and now we are left as only the camp, alone, in the dark, and it is so cold and sad for us.

My friend, you were, and still are, our hero. I want you to know that in all I have ever done, I have always seen you before my eyes. Your esteem and love accompanied us in every step and on every path, and we lived in the light of your values. You never abandoned us, and now they have abandoned you - you, my eternal hero - cold and lonely, and I can do nothing to save you, you who are so wonderful.

To the angels of heaven that are accompanying you now, I ask that they watch over you, that they guard you well, because you deserve such a guard.

We will love you, my friend Billi Souza, always.

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