Sunday, August 31, 2008

great lunch on sunday!

this is basically how it looks like

finally its done!

due to economic turmoil, i used eggs and crabsticks

whooaa.. here i go again.. hye everybody!

i stayed at home while my parents went to kampung. i have to figure out what would it be for my lunch and dinner.. for lunch, i decided to make sushi and easy pasta dish. its great and so simple. i went to the mall to buy some nori (Seaweed) and some stuff for sushi (crabmeat, carrot, eggs). its pretty fun to go the mall and buying those groceries all by yourself. picking up the things that you want to buy, looking at the price, its information, and suddenly you will notice that other people are actually looking at you. it happened to me this afternoon. as i stop by at vege section, i tried to choose some carrots for my sushi then i realized that theres an old woman staring at me! its very not comfortable as i cant concentrate on what im doing!

i just picked up the carrots and went away from that section. thank god. is it weird to have a guy who do groceries? its not only for woman bah! guy can also buy that kinda stuff what.. ahahha.. after buying all the ingredients i prepared my wonderful meal. easy sushi and a simple capsicum with chicken pasta. how did i get the recipe? yeaa.. i learned from the AFC channel on astro. lots of informations are shown there. and to be honest, my favorite dish is pasta. i love to make pasta, any kinds of pasta. fettucine, linguine or spaghetti, it tastes great!

i found its quite hard to roll the sushi. i dont have the bamboo mat to roll down the rice mixture and i used clear wrap instead. and my hands were pretty wet as the rice will stick to your fingers if your hands are not wet. after couples of attempt then i managed to come up with nice shape of sushi. another hardship appear.. its hard to cut it into pieces.

its fun to prepare sushi i guess.. although was a tiring process but i cant forget the sensation! hope that i will make sushi again next time!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

happy merdeka day 2008

supposed to be sarawakian top model?

peace upon the earthlings.. glad to hear that..

"why the car stopped?" suzy asked anxiously.. amirul said "maybe the car malfunctioned" but i opposed, "no lah.. ala.. you two..faham2 je la" hahahaha

me and amirul promoting McD's logo as the main sponsor during 2008 olympic.

we eat, we drink, we talk, we laugh, we vomit.. oppps... not yet lah..

at 1am in the morning, in front of TJ.. suzy keeps on showing the sign of peace..

amirul tried to make some extra fun while i was driving carefully..and again..suzy promotes the sign of universal..peace brother!

how wonderful to see so many "kereta rosak" at the kuching airport's carpark.. at 130am!

waah.. i must say that this year's celebration was great.why? i celebrated it with some of my very good buddies. oh ya before that, its 30th of august, i had my PR exam on the morning. it was ok but i think, the exam really spoilt my mood for merdeka. hey, its rather unusual to have an exam on saturday as all the students are busy relaxing themselves! but thank god, i managed to answer the exam well (hoping though).

after finished the exam, i packed my stuff and i returned home, around 15 minutes drive from kota samarahan. the day was as usual, hot and shiny day. then suzy called me up, asking about our previous plan tonight. then i asked her to invite amirul to join us. yes, it was 3 of us. basically our plan for tonight is only having a meal in McD. thats all. but then the plan was changed, we finally decided to hay around and enjoy the celebration of the independent.

my goodness.. the were so many people in the McD! it was like people rushing to the circus! the queue was long and we are quite lucky to line up early than other customers. parking? yea..guess what.. we parked the car at the next building, yes.. at sarawak plaza. then we walked to McD. its fun though! i saw many kind of people. dressing up beautifully and rugged and i also wonder, where did they come from (referring to some other kind of unusual fashion). i ordered double cheese burger with large fries and coke with extra sundae. suzy prefer to have the same meal with me while amirul was surprising! he ordered big mac! haha.. but we enjoyed ourselves during makan at McD. we met some of old school friends and some "memories". after completing my meal, i suddenly realized that, inspite of having a small-not-that-yummy- burger, its more satisfying to have a bowl of mee kolok at Kedai Pak Amit. but what i can say, the damage has been done! ahahaha.. burrrppp...

i was the pretty lucky driver. amirul and suzy became my very important person (viP) damn it.. ahaha.. we were cruising around kuching town just like other sarawakian did. some road as been blocked for the event especially at bulatan kenyalang, next to ampitheatre. i found its not appropriate to look at those boys shouting along the road saying "merdeka". whats the point then? everybody knows that its merdeka. without wearing their clothes, they shouted as if they have won a big trophy. for me, celebrating merdeka is enough by wishing everyone of us, "Happy merdeka day". no need to shout2 lah!

the spirit of merdeka continues! we went to the Kuching Airport. having great deal of time there. i sensed that there were many cars parked along the departure hall. having their nice time i guess. haha.. we took very nice looking pictures.. posing in front of my mobile phone's camera. anything goes my friend.. the memories!

we went back to kuching town. pusing2 again.. kinda fun though, with your best friends and together you enjoy the night and cracking jokes. oh ya.. to all malaysian, happy merdeka day!

thanks again amirul and suzy.. see you next time!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

what do you feel then?

holla.. its nice to see you again my friend. well.. its a holiday week now.. thank god. at last i can take a break. but argh, the work load still there. 4 assignments need to be done in this week. pretty tired after this week i guess. hurmm.. its been a while since i wrote the last blog. well theres a thing happened to me this week. and i didnt expect that to happen at all.. life is great. yea..i dont deny it. its just perfect although sometimes you have to go through some hard time. what else you can do if the things that you have planned so well, suddenly collapse? i have gone through so many things, and i have survived.. but one thing that i cant really save.. and i regret it so much but what can i do? its the ending of the beginning..

Monday, August 18, 2008


its over..

i dont believe its now over....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the meaning of my name.. Sutiady


You are total package- suave, sexy, smart and strong. you have the whole world under your spell, and you can influence almost everyone you know. you dont always resist your urges to crush the weak. just remember, they dont have as much going for them as you do.

you are very lucky person. things just always seem to go your way. and because you are so lucky, you dont really have a lot of worries. you just hope for the best in life. you are sometimes a little guilty of being greedy. spread your luck around a little to people who need it.

you are a seeker. you often find yourself restless and you have a lot of questions about life. you tend to travel often, to fairly random locations. you are almost comfortable when you are far away from home. you are quite passionate and easily tempted, your impulses sometimes get you into trouble.

you tend to be pretty tightly wound. its easy to get you excited which can be good or bad thing. you have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. you dont stick with any one thing for very long. you have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

you are usually the best at everything, you strive for perfection. you are confident, authoritative, and aggresive. you have the classic TYPE A personality. you are balanced, orderly, and organized. you like your ducks in a row. you are powerful and competent, especially in the workplace. people can see you as stubborn and headstrong but you definitely have a dominant personality and thats you, Sutiady

the guy who wrote that song..

If We Are in Love

If you are in love
Please secretly be single
You can't give me this responsibility
I already have another person in my heart
There's no way you can win
There is no way for you to live
Even in the corner of my heart
So here's my advice to you
Leave from me today
No matter how hard it may be
Don't love me like a fool

Everyday I dream
Because my life is for sale
I want to have you
Always being out of sync is my destiny
Please go and get out of the way
The person whom I love
That person clearly is not you

I know
I can see the sadness in this path
But I can’t do it
I can't take that from you
Please don’t love me


its almost 4 days in a row.. she didnt give me any messages and any calls. i tried to make phone calls but no one answer.. what happened to her? i was damn worried.. each and every day and nights. i wonder why she didnt try to contact me? busy? too many assignments? thesis?

i miss her badly.. and i dont think that i cant make it again.. and im afraid that i might lose this relationship again..for the third time..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

battle of the band pesta konvo Unimas 2008

band yang bawa lagu MCR (i dont love you)

band yang bawa lagu justin timberlake (like i love you) budak FK nih!

fuh!! memang hebat..menang power..memang mengancam..memang segala memanglah! aku memang tak senang duduk bila melihat persembahan kumpulan2 yang berentap termasuk kumpulan aku..tak senang duduk punya! biarpun pada permulaan battle of the band dimulakan oleh band yang entah apa2, mujurlah semangat ROCK yang hampir malap tiba2 memuncak apabila band budak2 fakulti sains dan teknologi sumber (fsts) mempersembahkan lagu mereka.

panas memang panas..tak ada angin semilir menemani penonton. aku dah naik 7 gelas kecil vico (penaja utama battle of the band) aku bedal. tapi masih juga diruntun kehausan. band kawan2 aku oklah juga just ada sikit minor mistake ( budak2) tapi aku tetap enjoy dengar.

antara band2 yang power malam tu aku rasa enigma, trio yang bawa lagu farhana pun cukup best (abang otai) dan kumpulan budak fakulti kejuruteraan (biar betul??). kumpulan enigma kalau tak silap aku mereka bawa lagu nakal dan entah satu lagi aku tak sure sangat tapi mereka rock gila! siap bawa trumpet dan saxophone lagi. kumpulan trio yang dianggotai oleh abang2 otai yang bawa lagu farhana aku rasa the best laa.. kau bayangkan..time nada lagu tinggi dia selamba je. siap senyum lagi tu.

kehadiran band2 lain memeriahkan suasana malam battle of the band kali ini. ada band yg bawa lagu my chemical romance (i dont love you), tidak ketinggalan lagu2 indies mcm aku skandal dan lain2. band2 lain yg bawa lagu inggeris pun ok gak cuma aku tak tahu title lagu tu. satu aku hairan lah sikit, ada band tu menyanyi ke meneriak? kalau ikut mcm chester linkin park tu, ada la sikit2 tapi membingitkan telinga je. by the way its still rock!

hurmm.. aku hope time aku konvo sem depan sambutan battle of the band akan jadi semeriah tahun ni (insya Allah). walaupun kumpulan yang kami sokong tak menang, tapi aku tetap enjoy! ROCKSSSS!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

2008 Regatta Sarawak

aku dan abang aku tengah duduk kat tepi pengkalan sourabaya hilir

Unggal Jijah yang sempoi...tauke pop ice!

nak ke tak nak beli ni?

aku, abang andy, adik aku syamim (bertopi), kazen aku sufri dan anak buah aku, awi


huhu..akhirnya regatta sarawak tahun 2008 telah melabuhkan tirainya.what a spectacular event! tahniah diucapkan kepada para pemenang.walaupun aku tak tau siapa pemenang tapi aku tetap respect semua peserta.they have shown their best effort to fight! memang bersemangat sekali apabila melihat mereka berkayuh sejauh hampir 1 kilometer. pemandangan sekitar tempat regatta seperti biasa,memang supermeriah. tahun ni aku rasa banyak pelancong asing yang hadir memeriahkan suasana regatta. antara yang aku temui adalah pelancong daripada Brunei Darussalam, Australia dan Sweden. kebetulan pelancong Australia dan Sweden telah lama bercuti di bumi kenyalang ini (damai rainforest music festival).

aku turun dari rumah pada petang sabtu betul-betul pukul 4pm dengan menggunakan honda ex5 aku yang lama. mak datuk..kampung aku sudah dibanjiri penonton dari segenap pelosok bandar kuching. kereta dan motorsikal di merata-rata tempat.agak susah juga untuk aku meletakkan motorsikal pada petang tu. tapi aku tidak mengalah. aku park saja kat rumah nenek aku. lagi senang. jalan kaki pun jalan lah.

peniaga sememangnya tidak melepaskan peluang untuk membuka gerai masing-masing dan menjual pelbagai juadah yang sedap-sedap. world class! ahaha..aku memang suka bab makan-makan ni. aku beli burger, air pop ice, satay panggang.. others like keropok lekor, some cucur and barbequed corn. aku turun ke kampung dengan abang aku yang kebetulan itu bercuti.aku cukup suka suasana yang hiruk pikuk, penuh dengan orang ramai. entahla..aku suka memerhati perlakuan manusia. setiap insan yang ada di kampung aku perhati seorang-seorang. social observer kot?

mula2 petang tu hujan renyai2. tapi tak satupun orang berganjak daripada tepian sungai. aku pun turut asyik meneropong gelagat peserta (i used my uncle's binocular). macam2. apabila pistol dibunyikan, barulah acara bermula dengan rancak. apa yang aku dapat lihat pada petang itu, kumpulan daripada land and survey (LANDAS) memintas perahu lawan satu persatu. memang laju siot! entahla apa yang pengayuh2 mereka makan untuk dapatkan stamina yang luar biasa.

selepas berakhirnya perlumbaan pada petang tu, aku terus ke rumah nenek dan makan nasi dan kari ayam..fuh.makan lagi..memang kenyang giler..

bah2..see you soon on my next adventure! see ya!