Sunday, August 2, 2009

kau umpama peluru..

straight through the heart
in the heart
of the night
where its dark
in the lights
i heard the loudest noise
a gun shot on the floor

i looked down
and my shirts turning red
im spinning around
felt her lips on my neck
and her voice in my ear
like i missed you
want you tonight

straight through my heart
a single bullet got me
i cant stop bleeding

straight through my heart
she aimed and she shot me
i just cant believe

no i cant resist
and i cant be hit
i just cant escape this love
straight through my heart
soldier down (my heart)
soldier down (my heart)

thought i moved
more than on
thought i could
fool her charm
i really wanna go
but i cant leave her alone

hear the sound
of a love so loud
i just cant, i just cant
ignore this feeling
said she misses me..

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