Tuesday, December 22, 2009



joining words into a single phrase are lovely.. i just woke up from my sleep and i started to type.. i wrote a poem that represents my heart, and my feelings now.

the other day i was kind of down
so i decided, i'm going on a walk
i walked for a while until i found a place to sit
then, i felt the need to talk
i looked up at the sky
hoping to see you
up in the clouds
didn't know where to talk to
i decided you must be up there
because that's where you belong
over the rainbow
like that one old song
i asked you how you're holding up
are you doing okay
i couldn't get very many words out
but i had so much to say
i told you that i miss you
every minute of every day
i looked up at the sky
and i started to smile..

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