Sunday, August 31, 2008

great lunch on sunday!

this is basically how it looks like

finally its done!

due to economic turmoil, i used eggs and crabsticks

whooaa.. here i go again.. hye everybody!

i stayed at home while my parents went to kampung. i have to figure out what would it be for my lunch and dinner.. for lunch, i decided to make sushi and easy pasta dish. its great and so simple. i went to the mall to buy some nori (Seaweed) and some stuff for sushi (crabmeat, carrot, eggs). its pretty fun to go the mall and buying those groceries all by yourself. picking up the things that you want to buy, looking at the price, its information, and suddenly you will notice that other people are actually looking at you. it happened to me this afternoon. as i stop by at vege section, i tried to choose some carrots for my sushi then i realized that theres an old woman staring at me! its very not comfortable as i cant concentrate on what im doing!

i just picked up the carrots and went away from that section. thank god. is it weird to have a guy who do groceries? its not only for woman bah! guy can also buy that kinda stuff what.. ahahha.. after buying all the ingredients i prepared my wonderful meal. easy sushi and a simple capsicum with chicken pasta. how did i get the recipe? yeaa.. i learned from the AFC channel on astro. lots of informations are shown there. and to be honest, my favorite dish is pasta. i love to make pasta, any kinds of pasta. fettucine, linguine or spaghetti, it tastes great!

i found its quite hard to roll the sushi. i dont have the bamboo mat to roll down the rice mixture and i used clear wrap instead. and my hands were pretty wet as the rice will stick to your fingers if your hands are not wet. after couples of attempt then i managed to come up with nice shape of sushi. another hardship appear.. its hard to cut it into pieces.

its fun to prepare sushi i guess.. although was a tiring process but i cant forget the sensation! hope that i will make sushi again next time!

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