Tuesday, August 19, 2008

what do you feel then?

holla.. its nice to see you again my friend. well.. its a holiday week now.. thank god. at last i can take a break. but argh, the work load still there. 4 assignments need to be done in this week. pretty tired after this week i guess. hurmm.. its been a while since i wrote the last blog. well theres a thing happened to me this week. and i didnt expect that to happen at all.. life is great. yea..i dont deny it. its just perfect although sometimes you have to go through some hard time. what else you can do if the things that you have planned so well, suddenly collapse? i have gone through so many things, and i have survived.. but one thing that i cant really save.. and i regret it so much but what can i do? its the ending of the beginning..

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EA said...

pa kes tek? hehehe.