Saturday, August 30, 2008

happy merdeka day 2008

supposed to be sarawakian top model?

peace upon the earthlings.. glad to hear that..

"why the car stopped?" suzy asked anxiously.. amirul said "maybe the car malfunctioned" but i opposed, "no lah.. ala.. you two..faham2 je la" hahahaha

me and amirul promoting McD's logo as the main sponsor during 2008 olympic.

we eat, we drink, we talk, we laugh, we vomit.. oppps... not yet lah..

at 1am in the morning, in front of TJ.. suzy keeps on showing the sign of peace..

amirul tried to make some extra fun while i was driving carefully..and again..suzy promotes the sign of universal..peace brother!

how wonderful to see so many "kereta rosak" at the kuching airport's carpark.. at 130am!

waah.. i must say that this year's celebration was great.why? i celebrated it with some of my very good buddies. oh ya before that, its 30th of august, i had my PR exam on the morning. it was ok but i think, the exam really spoilt my mood for merdeka. hey, its rather unusual to have an exam on saturday as all the students are busy relaxing themselves! but thank god, i managed to answer the exam well (hoping though).

after finished the exam, i packed my stuff and i returned home, around 15 minutes drive from kota samarahan. the day was as usual, hot and shiny day. then suzy called me up, asking about our previous plan tonight. then i asked her to invite amirul to join us. yes, it was 3 of us. basically our plan for tonight is only having a meal in McD. thats all. but then the plan was changed, we finally decided to hay around and enjoy the celebration of the independent.

my goodness.. the were so many people in the McD! it was like people rushing to the circus! the queue was long and we are quite lucky to line up early than other customers. parking? yea..guess what.. we parked the car at the next building, yes.. at sarawak plaza. then we walked to McD. its fun though! i saw many kind of people. dressing up beautifully and rugged and i also wonder, where did they come from (referring to some other kind of unusual fashion). i ordered double cheese burger with large fries and coke with extra sundae. suzy prefer to have the same meal with me while amirul was surprising! he ordered big mac! haha.. but we enjoyed ourselves during makan at McD. we met some of old school friends and some "memories". after completing my meal, i suddenly realized that, inspite of having a small-not-that-yummy- burger, its more satisfying to have a bowl of mee kolok at Kedai Pak Amit. but what i can say, the damage has been done! ahahaha.. burrrppp...

i was the pretty lucky driver. amirul and suzy became my very important person (viP) damn it.. ahaha.. we were cruising around kuching town just like other sarawakian did. some road as been blocked for the event especially at bulatan kenyalang, next to ampitheatre. i found its not appropriate to look at those boys shouting along the road saying "merdeka". whats the point then? everybody knows that its merdeka. without wearing their clothes, they shouted as if they have won a big trophy. for me, celebrating merdeka is enough by wishing everyone of us, "Happy merdeka day". no need to shout2 lah!

the spirit of merdeka continues! we went to the Kuching Airport. having great deal of time there. i sensed that there were many cars parked along the departure hall. having their nice time i guess. haha.. we took very nice looking pictures.. posing in front of my mobile phone's camera. anything goes my friend.. the memories!

we went back to kuching town. pusing2 again.. kinda fun though, with your best friends and together you enjoy the night and cracking jokes. oh ya.. to all malaysian, happy merdeka day!

thanks again amirul and suzy.. see you next time!

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