Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Lovely Family!

Mohd Sutiadi, Mohd Syamim, Mohd Suhendi

Lovely parents

My Pap with his niece July

My Mom at 19 years old!

its been good friday morning! i feel much-much better today. well.. i missed my family very much. my supermom! im wondering what are she doing right now. perhaps she is busy cleaning the house. my family. la familia..

they mean a lot to me. i cant survive them. its been 23 years of my life, and i want to thank them for being there. giving me support and always encourage me to be strong. i dont think i can make it to the university without their endless support. i love you all!

my pap - Haji Hamsawi Haji Mohd Nussy, 10th November 1955 superdad! he is my all time favorite hero. beware superman! hahaha.. my pap is such a kind man. the best ever dad in the world! even sometimes when he is out of his mood, he will definitely cool down after each outburst. he is quiet, but he do the things what he think he supposed to do. my pap is a type of guy who dont really cares about what he wears, car he drives, or even property he owns but he gave us something that very essential to our success today - Knowledge. loyal supporter of his children!

my mom - Hajjah Norkiah Mahiden, 20th July 1960, supermom! my mom is the greatest mother on the entire earth! my mom does quite a lot of lecturing in the house haha.. she is very-very hardworking mom. she will never allow her children to mess up the house. its true! my mom is a perfectionist when it comes to home decoration. the colors of the house, furniture arrangements, the vases and so forth. my mom doesnt know the meaning of STOP or REST. she will work until the house is super tidy. my mom, banker..

Eldest brother - Mohammad Suhendi, my loyal supporter and my best friend. he was born 3 years older than me. he works as a lawyer in miri now. and absolutely im proud of him. he always give me support whenever im down. good listener and good adviser.

Youngest brother - Mohammad Syamim, the tallest among us. basketball player and a shuffler (even though he denies it). born on 1992 and currently studying at my former school, SMK Tun Abang Haji Openg. the same school that my elder brother went to study. happy and cheerful guy. he is indeed a smart fella, but stubborn when it comes to homework! to say aaa.. a bit pampered laaa..

my self - Mohammad Sutiadi Hamsawi, born in 1985. 4th year communications student in Unimas. bit stubborn, rock headed, sensitive, caring and understanding person. i love making friends and i enjoys cooking very much.

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