Sunday, July 20, 2008

Night to remember

hai.. its me again. fuh.. such a buzy weekend. i had a show last night. our nasyid group was invited to our university's function, Malam Anugerah Pelajar Unimas 2008. the event was very successful i think. its great to see talented student that night.

actually we didnt prepared well for the show last night. we had a practice only for 2 nights and i personally didnt managed to memorize the lyrics. my goodness. but somehow we did it well. thanks to kurt and calen, who played the instrument very-very outrageous.

i love to see kurt playing the "GIZEN", chinese traditional guitar-like music instrument. WHOOA! everyone was stunned! including Datuk Abdul Rahman Zohari and our Chancellor, Prof. Khairudin. thank god we sang such a lovely tune. but the environment was tensed. i can feel the electricity in the hall..suddenly i became damn nervous. my hand was like frozen to ice. so cold!

i enjoy myself very much last night. as a newest member of Damai nasyid group, i like to say thank you to Zul, Hisham, Hazrol, Mirul, Fakhrol, Kurt and Calen for the guidance. time is up now.. see you soon..

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