Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Louzy Thursday!!


i have just came back from the clinic. i got a slight fever this morning. its terrible.. i got flu, cough, high body temperature and an asthma. full in one package. unfortunately, i cant give my full concentration during methodology class as the dizziness became wild. i just laid my head back on the wall and i looked at the lecturer helplessly. hehehe..

yesterday i watched a movie at FSGK's experimental theater. the movie was about a japanese lady who faced lots of hardship during her life. she worked as a geisha, prostitute and as a concubine. she was also a mother to a young lord Matsudaira! the movie was quite old.. produced in the year of 1950's.

what i can say about the movie, it was remarkable! because during that particular of time, an asian director managed to produced such a movie. the movie itself packed with human values and i think they should remake this film using the latest technology. for sure it will give massive impact, competing with the previous film on geisha, memoirs of geisha.

so, what's wrong watching old film? haha.. now i learned something new.. how director used their own creativity to make their own fantasy, and later to be translated into the form of arts. cheers!

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