Friday, July 18, 2008


hurm..tired..but i just cant have my sleep..its pretty annoying.well..i have just emailed my latest t shirt design for the communication studies programme..and this is my 3rd one.hope the boss will like it..i only have weekends to write in my blog.hoho..writing blogs are very helpful sometimes,especially the time when you are down.yeah,i express anything in blogs.i want everybody to read and to comprehend what happened in my life.its not just a story but im sure it carries more than that.i do have a do other people right? my dream is simple,achieving the highest point in my life.i loves to dream.i think dream have inserted some sort of determination in man to pursue their own dream.for sure,dreams cant alter destiny which has been written but i believe dream is wonderful.

i am turning to 23 this year..approximately on time flies.didnt realise that i finally climbing up into 23 years old.2008 marked a new meaning in my life.some of the things i cant handle by myself and some of them are easily,the most important thing in my life and also in my pap always stresses out the importance of education to all of us in the house.sometimes i dont understand why i have to go through these stages? my education started so perfect but i hit the rock bottom when i was 17, i failed my addmath paper during SPM.i felt so useless and helpless.i cant deny how disappoint i was,looking at my friends who are able to make their move to matriculation.smiling like Joker in Batman.i know they deserve the end, i entered form6.totally new place and a new environment.luckily,i managed to pass my STPM and thats what i called REVENGE.from zero to hero, i raised as a new guy,looking at the new point,becoming university student.once again,i will never forget my 2nd year.God,i was so stupid,i started to lose my focus and i didnt give extra attention to my study,in fact, i gave it to my girlfriend instead.when for the 2nd time i hit the rock bottom,everything seems to be meaningless.i dont know where to go, i dont know what to do with myself.maybe i am the wrong guy to her.i just cant manage my time between study and personal relationship.the impact was grade dropped,the concentration decreased,and the worst thing ever, i blood pressure boomed as high as 203/ world was suddenly turned upside down.

of course,i have been given lots of advices from pap, mom, and my siblings.let them go.go away from my life.since then,i realised and i tried to be a new guy again.fortunately, its my final year.i do have one more chance.and i dont want to lose it what? i dont know.if im destined to meet with the new one,it wouldnt be much a problem to long as she knows me well and have their respect on is indeed a very good thing.God didnt create it without purpose right? its up to ourself to search for it.and to learn about it.

just like what i said,love is not how you learn about others,love is how you learn about your inner self.if you are able to love yourself,then you have to try to love somebody else.the degree of acceptance will depends on how deep is your love to your own soul.

hurmm..its time for me to log out..thanks for reading..


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